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Wall Mounted Shower System_ 1

Model: 10 Dolphin Style Wall Mounted Shower System

SKU: 10

Enhance your bathing routine with our state-of-the-art, wall mounted shower system. Set yourself up for a luxury experience that mimics the gentle rhythm of a tropical rain shower, helped by our innovative Digital Rain Shower System.

This design boasts not only style but also function. The pressurized water output ensures a powerful and consistent flow, giving you an overall more relaxing and rejuvenating shower experience. Enjoy the top spray feature, designed to replicate a natural rainfall effect that's both blissful and soothing.

The elegance of this shower system doesn't compromise its convenience. Its sleek layout facilitates easy switching between various water modes according to your preferences, making it adaptable and user-friendly.

An additional standout feature is the inclusion of elastic silicone particles within the design. They guarantee a smooth water flow while simultaneously promoting effortless cleaning. As such, you'll always have an invigorating yet hygienically superior shower.

In short, upgrading to our Digital Rain Shower System means trading your regular showers for an unparalleled bathing experience that combines comfort, ease of use, and excellent hygiene measures in one sophisticated package.


With its advanced features and versatile options, this shower system guarantees a rejuvenating and invigorating bathing experience. Shop our Indramat-approved Rainfall Shower Panel Faucets Set now and transform your daily shower routine into a spa-like retreat.

Experience the ultimate luxury and style with our Rainfall Shower Panel Faucets Set in stunning color. This exquisite shower faucet set features a sleek digital display and offers a 4-function rain shower combo, complete with a 3-mode hand shower and jet sprayer.

The shower set is designed to add a touch of elegance to any bathroom decor, while the user-friendly digital display ensures convenient control and luxury.

  • Material

    Main Body Material: Grade 1A Copper

    Pole: Stainless Steel 304

    Top Spray: ABS & Liquid Silicone

    Handheld Shower: ABS & Liquid Silicone

    Showerhead: ABS

    Valve Core: Ceramic Hot and Cold Valve Core

    Hose: ABS

    Uniform Thickness: Consistent Thickness Throughout for a Sturdy Build.

    Strong Compression Resistance: Resistant to Pressure And Impact.

    Standard Material: Antifreeze and Explosion-Proof Body Material

    Composed of Premium Brass: This Item Has a Fully Formed Copper Faucet, Is Made of Corrosion- and Rust-Resistant Copper, and Has a High-Pressure Resistance. 

  • Features

    4 Button Shower System: Rainfall shower head, hand shower, sprayer, and water flow integration.


    Fashionable and Beautiful Design: Aesthetically pleasing and stylish and Eye-catching Appearance


    Liftable Sliders: Suitable for people of different heights.


    German Technology: Monitors and maintains water temperature.


    Hand Shower with 3 Spray Modes: Rain, intense rain, and pulsating massage options for stress relief.


    4 Water Outlet Modes: Can function individually or simultaneously for versatile shower experiences.


    Water Mixup: Automatically mixes hot and cold water for the perfect temperature.


    Water-saving: Saves 30% of water without compromising performance.


    Easy to Clean: Food-grade silicone water outlets prevent clogging. Highly elastic particles ensure smooth water flow and easy drainage. Durable, aging-resistant material allows for effortless hand cleaning, providing a clean shower every day.

  • Specification

    Surface Treatment: Polished

    Cartridge: Ceramic and Brass

    Pressure Testing: 0.6-0.8MPA ( 8-10bar, NO Leakage)

    Salt Spray Testing: Acid: 24H

    Air Pressure Testing: 0.7 Mpa

    Water Pressure Testing: HP1.6Mpa, LP0.05Mpa

    Plating Thickness: Nickel 8-12 μm

  • Warranty

    Enjoy peace of mind with our 4-year warranty for the main body panel, valid from the original date of purchase. If you encounter any issues with the main body panel during this warranty period, simply contact us via our online support WhatsApp channel at +916352073591.


    We'll arrange a hassle-free repair process, including pickup from your doorstep by our trusted courier partner and delivery back to your door after repair. Your satisfaction is our priority.

  • No Electricity

    Our revolutionary LED Hydro-Powered Lights - a game-changer in energy-efficient lighting. It works using the power of water flow, so it doesn't need electricity or batteries. Inside the lights, there's a small turbine that spins when water passes through it. This spinning generates electricity to light up the LED panel.


    It's a clever and eco-friendly way to have lights without harming the environment. Just connect the lights to a water source, and they will shine bright without any extra power needed. Say hello to a greener and more responsible way to light up your bathroom space!

  • Installation

    Click here > Installation Guide

Color: Gun Gray

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